Create powerful OOH ad campaigns to the right customers with our specialized tech-based solutions.

What do we do?

Our specially designed, innovative IOT system (both hardware/software) calculates important metrics of your OOH campaign and ensures your message reaches the target audience.

Our R&D team has created a quantitative measure to understand your customer better. In the outdoor space, like billboards and signages, our module calculates the number of vehicles passing through the signage. Indoors, our special LED screens, equipped with walk-in reading software, measure important metrics like age, gender, and interests.

With our simple, proven mechanism, you can plan, design, and execute a well-planned and detailed marketing campaign. The vision-driven IOT system, thus, cuts costs and allows you the freedom to explore other verticals and platforms to expand your idea.


Get the maximum benefit of your OOH ad campaigns through our tested IoT modules aimed to target your right clientele.


Gain insights into the performance of your billboards like never before.


Access an unexplored hyperlocal audience through well-distributed touchpoints.

Experiential Marketing

Create innovative and interactive ad campaigns to talk to your right customers.

Ads Production

We conceptualize, execute compelling stories to start the right conversations with your clients.

Join the Conversation

List your site with us and avail our vast clientele base to boost your business potential.

Customize Your Campaign

Our IOT platforms allow for easy customization of ads to fit any screen size.


Tech-based IoT solutions to boost your
Visibility and Reach.

OOH Marketplace

Get your Media sites listed on our platform and increase the visibility among huge clientele

Media Management Tool

From Bookings to scheduling and generating reports of a campaigns at one platform.

Data and Analytics

Boost your business with the power of data analytics at your fingertips.

Generate Reports

Update your clients regularly of the latest campaigns and ad performance data.

Freedom to Brands

Compare, research, and buy high performing media sites based on footfall, location, etc

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